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A musical journey back in time, inspired by riverboats, tin-pan alley, and sea chanties, fueled by whiskey and unrefined charm. 

"Old-time good-time party music" 
"Raw, raucous, and beautiful"
"totally otherworldly and fun"  



Hailing from the cold waters of San Francisco Bay, Penny Opry specializes in bringing old music back from the dead, with a sound designed to lift spirits and bring life to the party. Armed with a suitcase drum kit, ukuleles, and an antique button accordion, the group draws inspiration from maritime folk tradition, tin pan alley, and old-time drinking songs.


As two-thirds of the band Whiskey and Women, Penny Opry founders Joan Wilson Rueter and Rosie Steffy have covered extensive ground, appearing as a main stage festival act and on national radio across Europe and North America. Highlights include Paimpols’s Festival du Chant de Marin (FR), Brest International Maritime Festival (FR), Vegesack Festival Maritim (DE), and Festival du Chant de Marins de Saint-Jean-Port-Joli (CAN). 


The duo’s latest musical incarnation, Penny Opry, extends further into the maritime music genre, exploring seafaring music from North America and the British Isles, as well as American roots music from the 1850s -1960s.