A musical journey back in time, inspired by riverboats, tin-pan alley, and sea chanties, fueled by whiskey and unrefined charm. 

Hailing from the cold waters of San Francisco Bay, Penny Opry specializes in bringing old music back from the dead, with a sound concocted to lift spirits and bring life to the party. 

Joan Wilson Rueter and Rosie Steffy have spent the better part of the past eight years traveling together and honing their skills as part of the trio Whiskey and Women. The duo's latest incarnation, Penny Opry, delves further into folk music of the past, drawing inspiration from Tin Pan Alley, old-time Americana, and maritime folk music.  

The group's debut album, Alluvium, is an exploration of the imagined concept of time as a river, and music as the rocks and pebbles that the river shapes as they are swept downstream. Folk music, by nature, is changeable and ever-evolving, with each musician and generation making their mark. It is a history told by everyday people, passed along, sometimes cherished, sometimes forgotten. Alluvium contains songs inspired by riverboats, canals, weather, the Great Lakes, and the sea. Penny Opry's simple, stripped-down aesthetic serves as the perfect backdrop to bring these stories to life. 

Alluvium was recorded entirely to tape at the Creamery studio in Oakland, CA, located in an old church building complete with stained glass and leftover pews and choir robes. The album showcases the duo's sister-style harmonies and multi-instrumentalism, featuring an antique button accordion, a suitcase drum kit, soprano and baritone ukuleles, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and piano.  

releases October 26, 2018 

Penny Opry is: 
Joan Wilson Rueter 
Vocals, accordion, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, baritone ukulele 

Rosie Steffy 
Vocals, drums, percussion, soprano ukulele, piano 

With special guest Madeline Tasquin 
Vocals tracks 2 & 10, percussion track 10. 

Recorded by Greg Ashley at The Creamery in Oakland, CA. 
Mixed by Ian and Jay Pellicci at New Improved Recording 
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering 

Photos by Allana Alberts Wiitala 

Album art by Rosie Steffy

all rights reserved

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